Wrongful Pleasure

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"y mi alma oscura es feliz otra vez porque no sabe sentirse de otra forma durante mucho tiempo y por que el dolor es un mar profundo y tenebroso en el que me ahogaría si no pilotara con firmeza mi pequeña nave por su superficie, siempre con rumbo a un sol que no saldrá jamás."

- Lestat De Lioncourt


Tiny Tattoos, Austin Tott

American photographer Austin Tott has captured a series of images that match miniature, hand-drawn body art to backgrounds from which they draw visual reference. Tiny tattoos are outlined onto the surface of a wrist, penned on the skin in black ink.

Illustrating small-scale bicycles, little trees and envelopes onto the arm, Tott then holds up the hand amongst various landscapes, sets and scenes, which thematically parallel each drawing. 

(Source: tottphoto.com, via vintagestyle33)